#DoSomethingSDG Creativity Campaign
Hello Everyone_\!/ BE CREATIVE
Join (and be rewarded) in this #DoSomethingSDG Creativity Campaign!

Here is what you can do:
☆ Digital Poster:
Design your own Poster with  the validating ConscienceLAND 3finger "SEED" for the "5th ConscienceLAND SustainaFEST 2021" coming up on Change Wednesday 21 July 3:33 PM-GMT and POST it in your social media _ and send the LINK here https://forms.gle/oJBpXQ3Cmjt

☆ 3:33 VideoSnapz

1.) #DoSomethingSDG with your idea on solving one or more of the Global Goals
2.) INOCULATE and VALIDATE your effort with the #3fingerw Sustainability Symbol
3.) Keep each videosnapz outburst under 3 minutes and 33 seconds - make as many as you want - for any or all of the 17plusONE SDG's.
4.) Post SDG VideoSnapz on the most CONTAGIOUS Social Media (make sure to be Trackable and Traceable adding your favourite tags #ConscienceLAND #SustainaFEST #3FingerW #VideoSnapz #VirtualVaccine #3virus #SDGchallenge so YOU GET CREDIT.
5.) SUBMIT the link to your work here https://forms.gle/oJBpXQ3Cmjtt7jyN9
☆ #3fingerw
--Click a picture of yourself with holding the validating 3finger Sustainability symbol and POST it on your own Social media with #3fingerw and submit the link here:https://forms.gle/oJBpXQ3Cmjtt7jyN9

--Start drawing your #DoSomethingSDG Masterpiece and validate it with the 3finger "SEED"__\!/
Post it in your social media pages and submit the link here: https://forms.gle/oJBpXQ3Cmjtt7jyN9

(On Internet,
SEARCH "3fingerw", #DoSomethingSDG, #ChangeWednesday, #SustainaClaus ConscienceLAND.com, extinctionsolution.com, SustainaFEST.com for ideas and content for ideas! )

......ALL the people submitting their creative content  are eligible for a special gift of Appreciation from SustainaClaus _\!/

In a Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort (L.O.V.E.) for our planet, let's HAVE FUN and build a decentralized, self-sovereign, community-based "ConscienceLAND" together....(^_^) _\!/....

****PLEASE CONTACT aruba.faruque@yahoo.com or sustainaclaus@gmail.com for more information building this new way of living a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability in "ConscienceLAND" (^_^) _\!/....
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