Live Oak Charter School Working Groups
“Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.”
- Arundhati Roy

The goal of these Working Groups is to help Live Oak Charter School (LOCS) maintain a healthy community that educates the head, heart and hands of its students during the COVID crisis and beyond. Working Groups harness the energy of faculty, staff and parents into creative problem-solving partnerships. When we organize together we can truly have impact. Once specific problems and solutions are identified in the Working Groups, everyone will be invited to participate in the solutions with their time, skills, in-kind support (materials, equipment, public relations/graphic, grant writing, sponsorship asks) and financial backing (donations, corporate matching, potential business sponsorships). All community members are encouraged to engage in whatever way they can. More information on next steps will be shared once the Working Groups are formed.
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Working Group participants will pose and engage in key questions as well as prioritize, devise and recommend practical solutions. Here are some examples of questions each group may explore:
Distance Learning (DL):
What are DL best practices that have been vetted and used well before COVID? What does a developmentally appropriate, Waldorf DL program look like at different grades? What kind of technology is needed, by the faculty and by the family? How can we support students who can’t engage well with DL from home? What kind of training do parents need to support DL? What kind of training do faculty need to feel ready for and sustained in DL? (ideal for educators, those with technology experience)

Campus and Community Safety:
How do we make sense of all the state/county requirements for our specific community and campus? How do we support the overall well-being of students, families, faculty, staff? How can the campus be safely used for DL when students can't do that well at home and/or social and recreation activities? What is the best way to set-up the office and classrooms? Can and how do we shape outdoor classroom experiences? Where should additional hand washing stations be installed? What is welcome-to-campus protocol? (ideal for medical professionals, engineers, construction experience)

How to create visual representation of the community at work? What should be on the website? How does a portal of COVID information get established/shared? What's part of a weekly community update? How can we feature what is happening at home? What are the silver linings of DL and how to share with each other? How do we communicate wish lists and services needed? How do we ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in communication and community mobilization?

Social Engagement for Students and Parents:
How does the festival life of the school occur? How do we engage students and families across the grades in various festival activities? How can festival activities nurture the life of the community? How can we support and/or help facilitate social groups? What resources can be offered for forming learning pods? What social support can be offered for parents?

How to offer equitable access? How to ensure safety for kids and staff? Where and when does childcare happen?
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