Pantego's Arlington Foodies Farmer's Market Vendor Application
Want to join Bicentennial Park's Arlington Foodies Farmer's Market in Pantego as a vendor? The Market is located at 3206 Smith Barry Rd. Pantego, TX 76013. This market is predominantly food driven, we host vendors selling food products and artisan food related items. If you are a vendor selling food and have crafts, you may sell those at your booth along with your foods. In December we will host a holiday market where we will allow craft vendor to come in and join our market. This market will be between 6-9pm the 4th Saturday of every month beginning 27th of June 2020. Please be sure to read our Vendor Guidelines and Indemnity Acknowledgement and Release. Thank you for your support and please sign up below! Once signed up, you may pay two ways, venmo @arlingtonfoodies or Join us on facebook to follow information regarding the Farmer's Market. Click here for the facebook link. (
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We are a 4th Saturday market 6-9PM, the only times we shut down are for State of Texas/Tarrant County/Town of Pantego health restrictions, heavy rains, tornadoes or a heat index over 100 degrees. Any funds paid for this market will migrate to the next month. Do you agree to this arrangement? *
Do you agree to pay via Paypal at, Venmo @Arlingtonfoodies or make a payment arrangement with the market prior to the day of the market (very important as we hire several people to help us ease load in and load out). *
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