Autism Summer Internship Program Application
The Frist Center for Autism & Innovation's 2021 Summer Autism Internship will take place in the months of June and July. We are planning for the program to be in-person. This internship will focus on STEM-related projects.

This program has positions for neurodivergent participants and mentor interns. Participants are 18 or older and are typically recent high school graduates or individuals who never began college. This program is free for accepted participants. Mentor interns are current college undergraduate students or recent college graduates. Mentor interns will be paid, as well as receiving a stipend for housing. While most participants and mentor interns are autistic, those with other types of neurodiversity may apply as well! THIS APPLICATION CLOSED TO MENTOR INTERNS AT 11:59PM ON FEB 1, 2021. ONLY STUDENT VOLUNTEERS MAY STILL APPLY.
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