IGGY - Felanmälan / Maintenance request
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Du gör en felanmälan genom att fylla i och skicka in det här formuläret.


To make a maintenance request, please fill out and and submit this form.

Email *
Namn / Name *
Fullständigt lägenhetsnummer, bokstav + fyra siffror/ Complete apartment number, letter + four digits *
For example A1101, B1307 etc.
Telefonnummer / Phone number *
Vill du vara hemma när problemet åtgärdas? / Do you wish to be at home when the problem is solved? *
For more information on how to set your door in service mode, please see https://www.iggy-hyreshus.se/hyresgast/ditt-boende/
I vilket utrymme sitter felet? / Where is the problem?
Utrymme - Space *
Beskriv felet / Describe the problem *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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