HPC RSE Allocation Application
The University has funded a group of High Performance Computing (HPC) specialist Research Software Engineers (RSEs) from the Southampton Research Software Group (SRSG).  These RSEs will help researchers write and optimise code to make the best use of the HPC facilities available.

Researchers can apply for RSE time (typically 1-12 weeks) using this form.

Following submission, SRSG will contact you to arrange a discussion and prepare a one page Project Proposal for consideration by the HPC Academic Governance Group.

Queries relating to this form, or the process should be directed to John Robinson (Co-director SRSG).
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Research project name
Primary funder
My research is about... (Max 500 words)
I use or develop software to... (Max 500 words)
Name of software you develop (if applicable and different from project)
Links to any online resources related to your software (e.g. Git repositories, documentation)
Does your project already use HPC resources?  Either locally or nationally
Which one or two key things would you most want the RSEs to help you with? (Max 500 words).

For example, an RSE could port your code to use HPC facilities, optimise your current code for more efficient resource use, improve your code's reliability and reproducibility or help develop new features.
How would these things benefit your research / generate wider impact? (Max 500 words)
Any other relevant information? (Max 500 words).
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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