SIGOPS Hall of Fame 2017 Nomination Form
Please use this form to nominate one paper for the SIGOPS Hall of Fame 2017 Award. If you would like to nominate multiple papers, please submit additional forms.

Operating systems papers that were published (in any form or venue) between 1 October 2006 and 30 September 2008 are eligible for nomination. See for information on past winners.

Please try to fill out the publication information as accurately as possible.

You may address questions and comments to the selection committee via, but we cannot accept nominations via that email address.

Please enter the title exactly as it appears on the paper -- this will make it easier for us to group multiple nominations for the same paper.
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Please provide the full list of authors, in the order they appear in the publication.
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Where was this paper published? For example, the name of the conference, workshop, journal, or magazine. For tech reports and blog postings, please try to provide as much information as possible.
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Please provide the date of publication, as accurately as possible. For a conference/workshop, please provide the first date of the event. For other kinds of publications (e.g., monthly or quarterly journals), use your best guess. We will not be too picky about publication dates that fall slightly outside the bounds of 1 Oct 2006 to 30 Sept 2008.
Please explain to us why you believe this paper meets the criteria for the award, as described at Our decision will be based the impact the paper (and more generally of the research described in the paper) has had on the field of operating systems research. You may wish to refer to the citations for previous winners at but you can provide a longer rationale. However, please keep your rationale shorter than 1 page.
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Special considerations
If you believe it would be helpful to give us more background on the paper (e.g., unusual circumstances of publication), you can add that here.
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You can provide us with your name and email address, if we have any questions about your nomination that we would like to ask you. This question is optional -- you can submit anonymous nominations, if you prefer. Note that anyone can nominate a paper, no matter how conflicted you are with the authors.
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