Listening Project Response Grant Application
This grant opportunity is for AHS/SILSA faculty/staff and supporting ACS leadership.
Requests are for up to $30,000/yr for three years. Proposed work should respond to the needs, concerns, and opportunities raised by students in the Listening Project report.
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Grant Priorities
Priority will be given to requests which:

1. Make a direct connection to data collected in the Listening Project.
2. Address the needs of marginalized students by redistributing access and opportunity.
3. Fix the conditions that create inequities.
4. Utilize research and best practice, which includes the LP and lived-experiences of people in the community.

This grant proposal meets these priorities (check all that apply): *
How To Apply
1. Check out the videos, reports, and an example grant at this link:
2. Find a team and involve an administrator.
3. Invite Kate or a member of the ACSF to learn about your idea. We are more than happy to help you create a great proposal.
4. Find some research that supports or improves your proposal.
5. Complete the application and be sure that you have principal approval -your principal will receive a copy of proposal before it is officially considered.
4. Submit form by January 31, 2019.

Grant awards will be announced by March 1, 2019.

1. What is the problem, described by students in the Listening Project, that you will address? Why is this an important problem to you as educators? Reference the LP report and add your perspectives as educators. (Up to 250 words.) *
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2. Provide a proposal summary in one paragraph. What will happen by whom, by when, and for what purpose? (Up to 250 words.) *
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3. If your project was completely successful, describe what would be different in three years. What would be different for marginalized students? Who else would experience a change? Tell us what total success looks like for this project. (Up to 500 words.)
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4. How does this proposal address the underlying causes of inequities addressed by the proposal? (Up to 250 words.) *
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5. How does this project increase access to opportunities and resources for marginalized students? (Up to 250 words.) *
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6. What evidence do you have that this strategy or intervention will be successful in addressing the problem? Cite research or experiences that support the success of this strategy. (Up to 500 words.) *
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7. Describe how this program/intervention/strategy would work. Describe key players and action steps that would be required to bring this proposal to life. What problems would you have to overcome to make this happen? How would you do that? (Up to 500 words.)
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8. What is the total cost of your grant request for year one? Provide the major expense categories and round number amounts for year one (salaries, stipends, materials, transportation, etc.) ? (Up to 250 words.) *
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If this project is funded, I understand that my team will complete an action plan, a detailed budget and an evaluation plan within 60 days of grant notification. *
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Thank you for your dedication and above and beyond effort for our kids! Please be sure that you have saved a copy of your narrative before you submit your work. This grant form allows you to make changes to your proposal after submitting.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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