Goodman Games World Tour 2020 Event Registration Form: The Lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals (Official Playtest)
A level 1 adventure for DCC RPG.

This is an official playtest for an upcoming release from Stephen Newton's Thick Skull Adventures, there are 5 places available.

The Lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals used to be visible on every cloudless night.Just above the horizon line, the brightest star in the sky, a sleepless eye, slowly winking on and off as it rotated between Sagewood and the sea. After weeks of fog and rain, last night was clear...and the lighthouse was dark.

The town council of Sagewood meets and decides - you must go to the lighthouse and discover what's gone wrong! But willl you choose to restart the light , to bring the lantern home to Sagewood, or to travel north to the city of Gielo? And just what will you find in the lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals?

Date: Sunday 22nd November 2020
Time: 7.00PM - 10PM (UK/GMT)
Platform: Online via Zoom

Pregenerated characters will be provided.

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