Support Girl Guides through our Special Edition Cookies
Girl Guides Singapore sells cookies to raise funds to support our mission of enabling girls to achieve their fullest potential. This year, we collaborated with Commonwealth Culinary Creations to bring you a special edition range of artisanal cookies that are inspired by iconic local flavours! They are the Bandung Rose Cookies, Teh Halia Cookies, and Kopi-O Macadamia Cookies. More details below.
1) Each box contains an assortment of Bandung Rose Cookies, Teh Halia Cookies, and Kopi-O Macadamia Cookies.
2) Each box weighs 360g and contains 12 cookies, with 4 cookies per flavour.
3) Each box is priced at $20.00.
4) Each cookie is individually packed to ensure the freshness of cookies.
5) All our cookies are Halal Certified.
6) Please note that all cookies purchased are not tax-deductible.
Delivery Details & Schedules
Delivery for this batch of cookies will be during the following periods:

11 - 13 February
18 - 20 February

Delivery to offices will be between 9AM - 6PM.
Delivery to residential areas will be between 9AM - 9PM.

Please note that a delivery fee will be applied according to no. of cookie boxes ordered and location indicated. Please refer to table below for more details:
How to place your order:
1) Please fill in this online form.

2) Click on the submit button at the end of the form. We will get in touch with you shortly upon receiving your order form.

Should you have any difficulties or any queries regarding your order, you can contact Grace Pong from GGS HQ at or 6259 9391.
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