Student Digital Equity Survey
Thank you for participating in the Student Digital Equity Survey. This survey collects information on student access to the Internet and electronic devices used for schoolwork in the student’s home. Independent School District #002 may use this information to identify students that could benefit from additional supports to make sure they can access learning opportunities outside the classroom or school building. It is important that we gather accurate information from every student so that each student and family have the equipment, help and support needed.
The information you provide in this survey will be reported to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). MDE may provide state- or school-level summary data—without personal, identifying information—to the Governor, legislators, agency staff and external partners who have established data sharing agreements and protocols. Hill City School will not share your personal, identifying information provided in this survey with others without your consent.

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1. Does the student use an electronic device like a computer, tablet or smart phone to complete homework? If No (skip to question 2) *
a. If yes, what type of electronic device does the student usually use to complete homework? *
b. Is the electronic device (from 1a) provided by the school? *
c. Is the electronic device shared with anyone else in the home? *
2. Can the student access the Internet on their electronic device at home? *
a. If yes, what kind of Internet service do you have at home? *
b. Can the student stream a video on their electronic device without pauses? *
Student's Name and Grade? *
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