No Budget Cuts for Critical Gender Studies
May 30th, 2017
Dear Dean Padden and Interim EVC Cowhey,
As CGS undergraduate majors, graduate students and members of the UCSD community we are concerned with the lack of support that Critical Gender Studies is set to receive during 2017-2018. It has come to our attention that CGS coordinator Joje Reyes’s position may be severely reduced, with additional cuts to CGS’ programming budget. We are writing to ask that Joje Reyes’s position, the only staff and undergraduate Coordinator, be extended from 80% to 100%, to reflect the growth and demands of Critical Gender Studies at UCSD, and ensure that the CGS programming budget remains preserved.
Critical Gender Studies at UCSD is an invaluable program, and serves a singular function on UCSD’s campus. While providing unique courses that no other department offers, such as Introduction to Social Movements, Queer Theory, and Sexuality and the Nation, CGS is a program the student body relies on for cultural programming. During the 2016-2017 school year, CGS’s Community Outreach event series at the Digital Gym in North Park offered monthly panel discussions, artist talks, and film screenings, with topics ranging from Transnational Activism, Migrant Mothers, Queer Love in Iran, Post-Election Community Dialogues, Mass Incarceration and Intersectional Resistance. CGS courses and community events offer a space in which key discussions currently shut down or left out in the tense political sphere (on reproductive rights, queer resistance and anti-racism) might flourish and develop. This development looks like holistically and academically supporting and retaining some of the most marginalized and low percentage student populations on campus (Native/Indigenous, black and or people of the African diaspora, LGBTQ people of color, disabled, low-income); it looks like providing equitable access to higher education and graduate school mentorship under the guidance and support of CGS specific faculty and staff, and the interdisciplinary implementation and application of concepts and theories outside of the institution. Joje Reyes integrally oversees and manages the CGS course offerings, community programming, and provides mentorship and academic guidance to all CGS students and the marginalized students who are a part of the CGS community.
Additionally, and due to CGS’s unique course offerings, community events and Joje Reyes’ advising, we have witnessed CGS as a major and minor grow rapidly. The growth of Gender Studies at UCSD corresponds with the national growth of the field, where conversations and debates concerning race, gender and sexuality have become part of mainstream discussions. Debates pertaining to education, business practices and all levels of government policies take up gender and sexuality: or are critiqued for its evasion. Alongside this national context and under Joje Reyes effective coordination, we were not surprised to learn that CGS majors have increased by 50% in the last 5 years. Eliminating Joje Reyes’s position would severely impact the growth and development of the popular  CGS program at UCSD.
Lastly, we were excited by the development of a graduate certificate in Critical Gender Studies. Many of us applied through the encouragement and under the guidance of Joje Reyes. While we are excited that UCSD supports a CGS graduate certificate, it is unclear how the new graduate certificate in Critical Gender Studies might continue without a Coordinator advising us and advocating for us on our behalf. How will new students, and future students navigate the certificate program without a Coordinator invested in the program and its expansion?  
We ask you to support the coordinating and growth of CGS courses and events, the current and interested majors, and to provide a university setting in which CGS will flourish. In order to support the crucial Critical Gender Studies program we ask that Joje Reyes’s position be extended and renewed for 2017-2018, and that CGS programming funds remain intact.

Sandra Jiang, CGS and Lit, Undergrad, CGS Student
Brenda Alvarez, Biology, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Fatima Kamil, Ethnic Studies & Urban Studies/Planning, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Yaneli Soto, Critical Gender and Ethnic Studies, Undergraduate, CGS Alumni
Alasia Allah , Communication , Undergrad, CGS Supporter
MD, Student, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Sidney Yerger, Communication , Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Christopher Aviles, Psychology Department & Critical Gender Studies Program, Undergraduate (former) and graduate student , CGS Alumni
DK, Sociology , Undergrad
Laura Santos, Ethnic Studies / Political Science, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
TNA, Literature, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Adriana M. Rodriguez, Ethnic Studies , Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Maha Zubaidi, Biology, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
TerrillJames K. Williams, Critical Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Education Studies, Undergraduate, CGS Student
Dellanira Alcauter, Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Edward Nadurata, Ethnic Studies, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Leslie Quintanilla, Ethnic Studies, Graduate Student, CGS Student
Rie Hernandez, Cognitive Science, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
MGA, Visual Arts, Communication, Alumni, CGS Supporter
Camila Gavin, Ethnic Studies, Grad student , CGS Student
Jessica Ng, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, graduate student , CGS Supporter
Denasia Gaines, Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Affiliate
Amanda de Leon, Critical Gender Studies, Undergrad, CGS Student
Mauro Salcedo Peña, Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Violet Viridian, Critical Gender Studies, Undergraduate, CGS Student
Taryn Marcelino, Sociology, Alumni, CGS Supporter
Maria Celleri, Ethnic Studies, PhD Candidate, CGS Supporter
Hye Young Choi, Global Health Program, Division of Biological Sciences Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Pasquale Verdicchio, Literature, Faculty, CGS Supporter
Samuel Fortier , CGS Alumni
Miguel Castañeda, History, Graduate student, CGS Supporter
Monica Biology, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Nikaria Dixon, Political Science, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Alicia Yancey, Political Science , Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Hoang Tan Nguyen, Literature, Associate Professor, CGS Affiliate
DD, Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
E.O MAE, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Kiara Gomez, Political Science, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Alexis Buz, Ethnic Studies & Public Health, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Carlos Morales, International Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Leon Lee, Ethnic Studies, Grad
Alisha Donnell, Global health, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
JJL Biology, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Abraham Galvan, Literature, Undergraduate , CGS Supporter
Aki Douthat, Family Medicine and Public Health, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
KM, Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Jennifer Pena , Marine Bio major , Undergrad , CGS Supporter
Jael Vizcarra, Ethnic Studies, Graduate, CGS Supporter
Sofia Beltran , Public Health, Graduate , CGS Supporter
Nicolas Monteiro, Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
C.M., Undergraduate Research Scholar, PSYC, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Val Erze, Political Science / Critical Gender Studies, CGS Alumni
Allison Vo , Ethnic Studies and Sociology, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Naylani Allen, Student, Undergra, CGS Supporter
Persephone Hooper Na, Alumn, CGS Supporter
Katie Hosch,  Women's Center Intern, Undergraduate, CGS Affiliate
K. Wayne Yang, Ethnic Studies, Faculty
Lisa Rivera, Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Lena N Antoin, Psycholog, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Alexandra Hansen, Public Health, Undergrad, EDI employee, CGS Supporter
Judith Garcia Rojas, Global Health, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
KAG, Political Science, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Alexis Aguilar, Ethnic studies, Alumni, CGS Affiliate
Brenda Delgado, Biology, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
J.V. Economics, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Angelica Clemente , Student, Undergrad, CGS Student
Sean Lo biology, Undergrad, CGS Student
German Partida, Political Science, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Jessica Hatrick, Graduate Division, Staff, CGS Alumni
Hyejin Shim (Sarah Shim), Critical Gender Studies, Alumni, CGS Alumni
Undergraduate student, Biology, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Patrick Chen, CGS Alumni
Eric Eichler, Community Member, Social Worker, CGS Supporter
Lindsey Bittman, Community Member, Social Worker, CGS Supporter
SC, Critical Gender Studies, Undergrad, CGS Student
AA, Community Member
Dominique Strickland, Political Science, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Jesus Mendoza, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Danielle Llanos, Communications , Undergraduate  ,CGS Supporter
C.M. , CGS Supporter
Jessica M Garcia, Biology/Ethnic Studies Minor, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Corina Cadiz, Critical Gender Studies, Undergraduate, CGS Student
Risa Farrell, Enrollment Management, Staff, CGS Supporter
Alfredo Arriola, Ethnic studies, Undergrad CGS Supporter
Sam Lyons Psychology, CGS Undergrad, CGS Student
A.L. Heinrich, Literature, Faculty, CGS Affiliate
Alexia Arani , Anthropology and Critical Gender Studies , PhD Student , CGS Student
Luke Stroth, Anthropology, Graduate Student, CGS Supporter
AS, Communication, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Brian Crie, OASIS, Assistant Coordinator, MSTP, CGS Supporter
L.S. Visual arts , Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Carley Towne, CGS Alumni
Ramsey Ismail, Anthropology, Graduate Student, CGS Supporter
MY, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Mary C. Schmitt, Visual Studies, Graduate Students, CGS Supporter
AB, Ethnic Studies Department, Undergrad
Krys Méndez Ramírez, Ethnic Studies, Graduate Student, CGS Supporter
Chase DiBenedetto, International Studies/ Human Rights, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Emily Payne, Physics and Mathematics (majors), Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Omar Metwalli, Engineering, Mechanical Design
Kayla Chun , Physics and Biology, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
James Misenas, CGS Alumni
L. Shoecraft, Community Studies, UCSC Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Daniella Tajimaroa, International Studies & Ethnic Studies, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Maria Alonso, Ethnic Studies, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Amanda Qassar Alumni
Liat Wexler, Community, Training Specialist, CGS Supporter
Angelique De Castro, Computer Science and Engineering, Alumna, CGS Supporter
Johanna Wu, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Angeles Tellez, Global Health, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Antonia Lorenzo , Bioegineering , Undergrad , CGS Supporter
Veronica Sanchex, Jacobs School of Engineering Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Christian González Reyes , Literature & Latin American Studies , Undergraduate , CGS Supporter
Liam Barrett, Political Science , Undergraduate student
Daniela Hernandez , Sociology, Undergrad, CGS Supporter
Mayra Gallegos, Political Science Student, Undergraduate Student, CGS Supporter
Karen Liou, Linguistics, Undergrad
Eunsong Kim, Literature, Grad, CGS Student
Dianna Leo Ratsamy, Ethnic Studies; Education Studies, Undergraduate, CGS Supporter
Julian Alcantar, Biological Sciences, Undergraduate , CGS Supporter

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