FAI Home Committee chair application
To select the chair of the newly reconstituted Home Committee, the FAI Board of Directors are looking for someone with the following abilities and experience:

The ability to work well with the Department Six Lead to plan and execute events as indicated in the responsibilities listed in the Home Committee charter. (http://flashpointart.org/index.php/home-committee-reformation/)
• The ability to recruit members of the burn community to help plan and execute events
• The ability to report on the committee’s activities to the BOD clearly, succinctly, and in a timely manner
• Experience in working with the burn community
• Experience in planning, executing, and supervising the committee's activities and events
• Experience in evaluating candidates for the end-of-year grants
• Experience in working with similar committees:
• running meetings efficiently
• assigning task items and following up on them
• maintaining communication/contact with committee members, members of the Board, and any local organizations

Deadline for applications is Fri, Mar 13.
The Board will select the Home Committee chair at or before the Mar 21 board meeting.
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Email address
List your involvement with FAI/Alchemy so far: leadership, volunteer, theme camp organization, etc. This can be a bullet list, with any pertinent detail that you think is helpful. *
List your past experience in leading volunteers in any organization. This can be a bullet list, with any pertinent detail that you think is helpful. *
List any experience you might have had in evaluating grant/donation proposals — and/or tell how you might lead a team in making such a decision. *
List possible ideas and rationales for local community support activities. It is okay to list projects FAI has done in the past. *
List possible ideas and rationales for burn community activities. *
Take one idea for a burn community activity and describe how you would bring it to fruition. Include calendar mileposts, volunteer recruitment, venue selection—anything you think would help us evaluate your expertise in this area. *
This is a test: name the Lead and Asst. Lead for Department Six. *
Anything else you would like to tell us? *
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