VoteEarlyNY Incident Report
Change is exciting, but it can take time for officials to properly implement new election procedures. Did you have difficulty voting early? We want to hear about it. Please complete a VoteEarlyNY Incident Report below.

New Yorkers are invited to use this form to help document issues they encounter while Early Voting, so pro-voter advocates can follow up by working with election administrators to identify solutions that better meet the needs of those they serve---YOU the voting public!

When reporting an incident, please be as detailed as possible (include name and title of poll workers/officials involved and any voters personally impacted; include dates, approximate times, and location where incident occurred). The identity of the reporter (and voters/witnesses) will be kept anonymous, except as needed to confirm a voter registration status. Please complete a separate Report for each distinct issue, even if they arise contemporaneously at the same location.

It is appropriate to report incidents that may have been resolved on-site without escalation, but which are capable of repetition if officials do not take steps to improve, clarify, or revise early voting processes, rules, or training materials.

We encourage you to report incidents of voter suppression to the NYS Attorney General's Civil Rights Bureau ((212) 416-8250) and your county Board of Election. For emergencies, please dial 911 or contact local law enforcement.
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Identity of persons reporting incidents will be kept strictly confidential, but we'd like to be able to follow up with you to be sure we have all the details, and to notify you of any developments arising out of the incident you've reported.
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Honesty and accuracy are critical to safeguarding voting rights. Thanks for volunteering both! We are still happy to receive your report and will do what we can to help address it. Unless you are reporting "Misinformation", examples of when to choose "No" below include: "I heard what happened on Facebook/Twitter"; "My friend called me and told me..."; "I read in the paper/heard on the news that..."
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Leave blank if unresolved. Please include approximate time of incident resolution. Please don't guess!
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Please be specific and use this checklist: 1) who was involved; 2) what occurred; 3) where did this occur; 4) when did this occur. Just the facts. Please avoid speculating (DO NOT try to explain "why" something occurred, unless you are certain, or an Election Official provided an explanation (orally or in writing. If written, please submit documentation as indicated below))
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Is follow up required? *
Is the incident ongoing (or, is the incident capable of repetition if not addressed)
Impacted Voter Information (if applicable)
If Early Voting incident impacted specific voters, please follow up and complete this section with as much identifying information as a voter is willing to provide. Providing more information better helps to document/resolve incidents.
Early Voter 1: Full Name (as appears on registration), mobile #, Email, full DOB, zip code, demographics
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Early Voter 2: Full Name (as appears on registration), mobile #, Email, full DOB, zip code, demographics
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Early Voter 3: Full Name (as appears on registration), mobile #, Email, full DOB, zip code, demographics
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Impacted Early Voter Demographics (optional)
This section is used to aggregate incidents and identify patterns so we can better evaluate scale/scope and whether voting incidents are targeted or systemic in nature. If applicable, please explain context
Is/Are the impacted voter(s) part of an identifiable group? Were they targeted as a member of a group?
E.g: Race, religion, country of origin, student, disabled, elderly, gender, LGBTQ affiliation (or perceived affiliation)?
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