WFNU-LP Volunteer Application
Hi! Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at WFNU-LP 94.1FM in St Paul! WFNU now finds its programmers from its list of active volunteers. (This document was updated on 11/02/2018 at 4:05pm CST by WFNU-LP management.)
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WFNU-LP Mission: "To amplify the diverse voices of the Frogtown Community by providing skills training and a broadcasting platform to members of the Frogtown community. As a station, WFNU is committed to creating programming for and by those who are excluded from or mistreated by mainstream media and serving our neighborhood with local news, perspectives and great music!" Do you agree to help this radio station in its mission? *
WFNU-LP now chooses its progammers from its pool of active volunteers. Do you agree with upholding this practice? *
WFNU-LP is a non-commercial community-oriented radio station, which means it is not in the business of promoting or selling the brands, products, or even ideologies of any individual, group of individuals, religion, political affiliation, organization, or company. WFNU-LP is to inform, not promote. *
WFNU-LP does its part to support local (Twin-Cities) music artists, and their song writers, by playing and reporting the airing of their music so that they may get credit and/or royalties. Do you agree with upholding this practice? *
WFNU-LP encourages its volunteers to become more educated about the utility and function of radio, as to better serve the Frogtown-Rondo Community and the Greater Twin-Cities Area. Do you agree with this upholding this practice? *
WFNU-LP observes and upholds all FCC rules and all anti-harassment laws. Do you agree to uphold this practice? *
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Below are areas in which we require volunteers (NOTE: All of these aspects below make up what it takes to produce WFNU's programming). *
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