ZHL Season 13 Survey
The Management wants to know your opinion on various topics.
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What days of the week work best for you to play league games?
Owners should be able to "force" reschedules on other owners if they aren't responsive/agreeable, so long as they give enough advance notice.
We should have a separate Probe Commissioner to handle affairs for ZHPL (ideally, a probe player).
I prefer the following type of draft:
Top 4 rounds banned from probe (NA and EU) EUs drafted later than 4th round can play probe too, but they are forced to attendance lock, unless they played in more than 60% of their games the last season they signed up.
Do you think we should have a minimum required games played for eligibility in playoffs?
How important is the length of the ZHL season to you?
Not Important
Very Important
I would prefer the ZHL season to be:
Additional comments/ideas
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