CCHS Digital Parent Advisory Board (PAB) Survey
Welcome to the first CCHS Digital Parent Advisory Board (PAB) message and survey. We have transformed the traditional meeting into an interactive digital format in order to allow greater participation. This month's topic is the school's budget. CCHS has an annual budget of approximately $80,000 to impact supplies, curriculum, professional development, and new programs. As you can imagine, many of our expenses come at the beginning of the school year. Thus far, we've spent the following funds:

~$4,000 on alternative furniture for Special Education Classrooms
~$10,000 on the digital curriculum for AP courses, our CNA program, and our science department
~6,000 on initial supplies such as paper, cleaning items, and maker space art supplies
~$2,000 on security supplies

Fortunately, CCHS enjoys the benefits of several grants that we've pursued and been awarded over the last three years. This funding helps pay for additional staff, supplies, and professional development and more than doubles our school budget. Several people on the CCHS staff spend many hours managing these grants and deserve our praise as they raise our standard of living every day
I believe the most import way to spend CCHS funds is on:
Understanding that major construction and remodeling is not something that CCHS can spend its budget on, what part of the building, in your opinion, needs the biggest refresh?
I believe that a digital curriculum (one that can be used on the Chromebook) is the way of the future and CCHS should primarily invest in this type of academic resource for our students.
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