Fall/Winter 2018 Application for Renewing Cool Girls
Registration for Cool Girls Science and Art Club is now open for Fall/Winter 2018!

The mission of Cool Girls Science and Art Club is to engage young girls in entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (e-STEAM) so they have the desire, confidence and skills to sustain their contributions to the community throughout their personal, academic and professional journeys. Cool Girls was co-founded and continues to be guided by elementary schoolgirls who are passionate about science and art.

This registration form is for both new and renewing Cool Girls entering grades 1-5.

The application is complete after you receive email confirmation of acceptance and payment arrangements have been made. No girl is turned away for financial reasons.

The form is long to help us best serve your daughter and your family. Please scroll down using the Tab button. THANKS!

If you have any difficulties with registration or need more information, please email Mary at coolgirls.scienceart@gmail.com, call 303 -931 -2280, or visit our website at http://coolgirls-scienceart.org/register.

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Confidential partial scholarships and installment plans are available. No one is turned away for financial reasons.
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Cool Girls parents volunteer a minimum of 3 hours per semester--many much more. Your child loves it when you help her lead an activity; however there are other options at different times. And it can be lots of fun for you!
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* I agree to attend a meeting of parents and advisers to learn about how Cool Girls and I can help my child maintain and expand her participation in entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (e-STEAM) activities throughout her school years and career, if she so chooses.
* I will help her remember to bring her science notebook to each session and to write or draw in it outside of Cool Girls.
* I will regularly check the Cool Girls website at www.coolgirls-scienceart.org for updates on activities, scheduling, registration, field trips, etc.
* I give my child permission to participate in the Cool Girls after-school program and field trips, including to ride with volunteer drivers to and from field-trip sites if I am unavailable to drive myself and I have provided signed permission, printed or electronic, for that specific trip beforehand.
* I grant Cool Girls permission to include my child's unidentified photo and comments on its website and in other media.
* I understand that neither Cool Girls Science and Art Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, nor its leaders or other volunteers are responsible for any liability as a result of my child's participation.
* Regretfully, no refunds are available due to advance commitments for rent, supplies, etc. Cool Girls must turn away or wait-list other girls because of the demand for our program.
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