7th Annual Texas Mentoring Summit (TMS) Award Nomination Form Deadline: Friday, December 7, 2018 Conference Dates: January 10 - 11, 2019
The Texas Mentoring Summit Awards for Outstanding Mentoring recognizes outstanding individuals and groups in the community who exemplify extraordinary commitment as they support and contribute to mentoring in Texas. Mentors selected for this award demonstrate a continued commitment to fostering the intellectual, social/emotional, creative and career/academic development of their mentees. Mentoring programs selected for this award demonstrate commitment, quality and excellence in helping mentees reach their full potential.

Individual and Group award recipients will be honored during the Award Luncheon on day-two of the 7th Annual Texas Mentoring Summit “Mentoring Builds Stronger Communities, One Relationship at a Time" on Friday, January 11, 2019. To register or learn more about the Texas Mentoring Summit https://p20.utsa.edu/news/texas-mentoring-summit/.

Award Criteria

Individual and Group mentoring award nominations will be evaluated based on the positive experiences of the mentees, the impact of mentorship on the mentees personal success and/or the positive impact at the community level.
Key criteria include:

o Academic, social, or emotional growth and development
o Career and professional guidance
o Positive role modeling

Award Categories
Outstanding Adult Mentor

o (K-12) An adult that maintained an exemplary one to one mentoring relationship with a school-aged (P-12) youth within the past 12 months
o (College) An adult that maintained an exemplary one to one mentoring relationship with a college student within the past 12 months

Outstanding High School Student Mentor

o A high school student that maintained an exemplary one to one mentoring relationship with a school-aged (K-12) youth within the past 12 months

Outstanding Advocate for Mentoring

o An educational, business or community leader that supports one to one mentoring

Outstanding Mentoring Program

o (Corporate/Business) A corporation or business that has a one to one mentoring program for youth (k-12 to college)

o (Non-Profit) A College, University, School, School District or other non-profit organization that has an exemplary one to one mentoring program for youth (k-12 to college) .


Eligibility Criteria

1. Nominees should have a sustained outstanding record of mentoring (within the past 12 months).
2. Nominators must be a previous or current mentee(s) of the mentor or be a colleague of the nominee with personal knowledge of the nominee’s mentoring advocacy and excellence.
3. There must be a primary nominator providing written nominations and documentation.
4. Self-nominations will be accepted.

Ineligibility Criteria
1. Previous recipients of the Texas Summit Outstanding Mentor Awards are not eligible.
2. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
3. Late nomination forms will not be accepted.

Nomination Package
The nomination package must include:
1. A complete nomination form.
2. A primary nomination letter including nominators’ relationship to nominee ( 2 pages, typed, double spaced descriptive statement of why this person, program or organization is being nominated citing demonstrations of significant impact or improvement in mentees social, academic, professional/career, or emotional well-being; demonstrations of selfless service to youth; and/or demonstrations of high quality mentoring practices)
3. One letter of recommendation (from a secondary individual other than the nominator)
4. *Student Testimonials (written statement from the student(s) being mentored citing personal examples, activities, experiences, outcomes of the mentoring relationship with the nominee)
5. **Optional- Other supporting evidence (press releases, photos, company newsletters etc.)
Nominating letters should summarize the nominee’s impact on mentoring with clear examples of positive outcomes. If the nominator(s) is a mentee, a narrative of how the mentor influenced his/her academic/career path should be included.
Nominations will be reviewed and scored by the Texas Mentoring Summit Awards Committee based on the award criteria outlined above.

Nomination packets should be received no later than 11:59 p.m. on December 7, 2018 and submitted online/email or via postal delivery to:

Belinda Saldana Harmon, MPA
Director of Community Outreach
UTSA P-20 Initiatives
Mailed directly to:
The University of Texas at San Antonio
501 West César E. Chávez, Room BV2.308
San Antonio, TX, 78207-4415
Questions or for Additional Information:
Belinda Saldana Harmon- 210-458-2904 or Belinda.Harmon@utsa.edu

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