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To start the process of creating a course for the Teacher Learning Hub, please answer the following questions. The Hub coordinator will then be in contact with the next steps. Contact Jessica Bryant with questions (444-3557,

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The information in this form will be sent to the appropriate division administrator by the Hub Admin for approval before continuing with the course design process. If you are outside of OPI, please select "other" and enter your organization.
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Remember, Hub courses are INTERACTIVE. Not just a webinar, PowerPoint, or tool for simply sharing resources. Please note: if you select Virtually Guided, the categories in the next section may not apply, but please select one anyway.
What category would you like the course in? *
Please select one. We are unable to cross reference in multiple categories at this point. "Other" is a category, not an option to create a new category.
Have you checked all categories on the Hub to be sure a course similar to this doesn't already exist? *
If you have not, please do so before continuing. Both the course catalog and in development list are posted on the Hub homepage in the Main Menu block on the left side of the screen.
Overview of the Course Design Process:
I understand that before the course can be opened, advertised, or have participants enroll, the Hub Administrator needs at least 3 weeks to review settings and layout. *
Who will be the primary course designer? *
If you are supervising the development, but having someone else do most of the work, please list their name under "other".
Has the course designer taken the required 'Introduction to Course Design' course on the Hub? *
If they have not, still submit the form, but they will have to complete the training before a new course shell will be opened. It can be found on the Hub under Self-Paced Courses > Other.
Estimated length of course *
This is the amount of time that participants can expect to spend actively engaged in the course. For self-paced, list in hours (1 hour = 1 renewal unit). For facilitated, list in weeks (1 week = about 4 hours of engagement).
When would you like to launch the course? *
Does not need to be a specific date (example: Summer 2017). Remember the Hub Admin will need about 3 weeks to review and work with you to make edits before the course can be opened. Give yourself enough time to create the course, especially if this is your first.
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