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In furtherance of the School of Law’s mission and professional expectations of practicing attorneys, the Pro Bono Pledge Program encourages students to complete 100 hours of pro bono activity before you graduate and get recognized as a Pro Bono Pledge Awardee at graduation!

By signing the Pledge form below, I pledge to complete a minimum of 100 pro bono and volunteer hours before I graduate (50 hours if part-time). I also understand that:

- 75 of my 100 hours must be for legal pro bono activity (remaining may be non-legal service).
- In order to receive recognition, I must track and submit my hours online and comply with Program guidelines. I may include any eligible hours completed since the date I started law school.
- The Pro Bono Pledge Program is voluntary and so there is no penalty if I do not meet my goal.
- The school reserves the right to verify hours by contacting my supervising organization.
- Professional conduct is of the utmost importance when engaging in the community and, as such, I have reviewed the relevant rules of professional responsibility and will complete Pro Bono Prep or another training on working with clients experiencing poverty before graduation.

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