Kids Camp @ Lakes Ranch - 27 Sep to 2 Oct 2020
Sign in 4pm Sunday and sign out 10am Sunday- Cost: Camper - $240 (includes $10 Canteen)
Well hello there all you fabulous Kids Camp fans! We are up and running and getting ready for Spring Kids Camp @ Lakes Ranch. Due to the stuff going down in the world and changes that we all need to make to keep our family of 5 million safe we have made a few changes to this upcoming Kids Camp.
We are only having 40 campers so we can keep beds distanced. There must be someone available at all times in case there are any colds or sniffles the sick one can toddle on home.
Parents and caregivers will need to be mindful that this is a Spring Kids Camp and often kiddos do catch a cold but in the current climate we would like to keep this as minimal as possible.
It will be fine to postpone your registration to another Kids Camp if you are required to keep your kiddo home if they get sick prior to camp - right up until registration time, as we would like to keep as many bugs out of Kids Camp as possible, especially at this time of year.
So first in best dressed. We are looking forward to hanging out with your children and having a brilliant, fun Kids Camp @ Lakes Ranch!!!
KIDS CAMP - Camp Rock
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ie. gluten free, vegetarian. We only cater for BASIC dietary requirements. Please provide your own baking and/or cereals and bread. If you would like us to provide them there will be surcharge.
Please specify any medication that the attendee will need to take during camp *
Include name of medication, regularity of use and conditions for use if relevant - this will need to be signed IN and OUT of Camp by the Parent/Caregiver.
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If yes please provide the name and the relationship of the named person to the attendee
Is/are there any other camper/s that you would like to be placed in a cabin with?
If yes please provide names below, we cannot guarantee that they will be together, however we will try
Does the Camper have any other needs that we may need to consider?
For example Anger Issues, Defiance Issues etc - If yes please specify in the space below
Is your child receiving support from any of the following agencies?
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Is your child allowed to have photos/videos taken during camp? These may be used for Advertising & Social Media.
Payment Method - Deposit is required to secure your place *
Will you be paying online, are you entitled to OSCAR, or does this need to be invoiced to an Agency? A $100 deposit is required to secure your child's place at camp - including OSCAR registrations. Your deposit will be refunded to you once the funds are received from OSCAR The only exceptions to the deposit are Agency Invoiced registrations.
Who will pick up the attendee from camp? *
If this person changes, you must inform us - the camper will not be released from the camp to any person whose identity can not be verified.
Declaration by Parent/Caregivers *
1. I consent to all information supplied on this form being used for the purpose of running the camps and agree that my child will abide by the camp rules. 2. In the event of sickness or accident I authorise that qualified medical attention be secured and notification followed by any expenses sent to me at the above address. 3. I understand that my child may be removed from Kids Camp due to bad behaviour, inappropriate behaviour or if they are unable or unwilling to follow the Kids Camp Rules. 4. I agree that the staff and Leaders will be clear of all liability in the event of any injury or loss which the camper may sustain to person or property. I also agree to pay for any damage incurred by my child to any Lakes Ranch property, by either accident or malicious intent. 5. I consent to photos and video being taken at camp for promotional and advertising purposes. 6. I acknowledge that the $100 deposit is non refundable. 6. I agree to collect my child if they show any signs of cold or flu-like symptoms during camp and that any refund is at the discretion of the Kids Camp Director - any refund can be used as payment towards a future camp and no cash repayments will be made once Kids Camp starts.
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