300-HR Yoga Fellowship Application
Thank you for your interest in our teacher training. Applications are accepted on a rolling admission until program spots are filled.
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This program requires the time commitment of attending ALL the scheduled hours as well as coursework which include readings, writing, a regular physical practice, and outreach teaching, and mentorship that may take 4-7 hours a week. Please explain how you will meet this commitment. *
Is there a specific community that you are part of or would like to impact with your outreach classes? Who are you going to serve and why? *
Describe your current wellness practices and what you do to maintain them. *
We will be in a strong physical practice with group work and self-inquiry. Do you have any pre-existing conditions that would impact your participation in the program? Are you currently on any medications or under physical or psychological care? (If yes please explain) *
What, if any, experience do you have with: Meditation/Mindfulness, Breathwork, Self-Inquiry and a physical yoga practice? *
Please share anything else you feel is relevant to your application.
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