Big Yoga Life Waiver
Thank you for taking care of yourself (and Big Yoga Life) by reading and signing this waiver. This is how we can all take care of each other.

As with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions.
Yoga includes, but is not limited to, stretching, strengthening, breathing and mindful movement.

You recognize that it is your responsibility to notify your teacher of pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, or any other medical conditions, injuries or physical limitations before every yoga class.
Yoga (especially virtual) is an individual experience. You may rest at any time during the class. If, at any time during the class, you feel discomfort or strain you will listen to your body and pause, adjust or come out of your posture accordingly.

By signing this waiver you are affirming that:

You understand that you alone are responsible to decide whether to practice yoga, and participation is at your own risk.
You understand that Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.
You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that you have now or hereafter may have against Angela Fisher or Big Yoga Life.

You acknowledge that participation in yoga classes exposes me to a possible risk of personal injury.

You understand that Angela Fisher is not a licensed medical care provider, and is not rendering personal medical advice or treatment such as diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind.

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