Montagnard Traditional Arts Program (Traditional dance, weaving, Rhade/Buonong, music, elder arts and beginner English classes)
Part of our culture preservation program, we offer a Varity of classes. This program is called The Past is Present: Montagnard Traditional Art Program (TAPs). The ARTS AND CULTURE CLASSES is a program we are passionate about and invest our own money and time. Monetary donation is encourage to help cover the cost of materials and to keep this program going. To make a donation, please visit our website at or email Liana at or 336-541-2447. 
1. Traditional Dance Class: Since our culture is disappearing, we wanted to target the youths in the community by collaborating and learning from the elders in the community. We developed the Montagnard Traditional Dance Classes for Middle and High School age group.

2. Traditional Weaving Class: Backstrap weaving is practiced by communities throughout the world, with the basic technique and tools recognized by weavers and artisans in Asia, African and the Americas. It is also practiced by Montagnards, the indigenous people of Vietnam's Central Highlands and here in North Carolina, the largest community of our people to be found outside of Southeast Asia.

3. Rhade/Buonong Class: Languages spoken by Montagnards, the indigenous people of Vietnam's Central Highlands, belong to two large language families, Malayo-Polynesian, which stretches across the Pacific for thousands of miles, and Mon-Khmer, found across Southeast Asia and parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and East Asia. Montagnard languages include Jarai (or Jrai, Jorai), Rhade (or Ede),  Bunong (or Mnong, Pnong), Bahnar, , and Koho. At the end of each semester, students will have a chance to demonstrative what he/she had learned.

4. Traditional Music Class: TBA

5. Elders Arts to Citizenship Program: This class primarily served older adults and elders who wanted and/or in the process of becoming a U.S citizen but had zero English. The focus of the class was mental wellness by using different types of art and which incorporated English citizenship.

6. Beginner English Class: We offer a Saturday beginner English class to the community since many of them cannot attend class during the weekday. This will give them the opportunity to learn and connect with others in our community.

Limited enrollment. Scholarship available. 
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Scholarship is available upon requestar 
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