1. Do note Invitations or reservations should come at least 3-6 months before the event.

2. Confirm the AIM of the event in a LETTER OF INVITATION and kindly attach a separate LETTER OF INTRODUCTION fully addressed on your letter headed paper if you are inviting us for the first time as an attachment in JPEG/PDF format to:

3. The cost of the Host:
- Transportation of Itinerary team which includes Letter of Invitation for Visa Procurement, Visa & Service fee, Verifiable Flight Ticket and any other travel arrangements according to the host country for International trips.
- Lodging and Accommodation(Hotel Reservation Details done directly with the hotels) for Local & International trips whose days of ministration is more than one.
- Feeding and Hospitality for the team as applied.

4. For the sake of simplicity we do not charge when you invite our Team Lead. We run a Zero charge and a Hero Honour system. We ask that you truly Honour his time and sacrifice for the sake of relationship and continuity. Thank you for understanding, God bless you!
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