PEEKABOO! Guided Tours
PEEKABOO! is an inclusive arts festival boldly reinventing classic hide-and-seek.

Its mission: Bring children alien to each other, together. Set in Rainbow Centre, a school that serves children with disabilities, this festival is a labour of love born from a five-month arts residency programme involving six artists, 20 arts facilitators and the Rainbow Centre community to explore themes of identity and place in the world.


You are invited to join our 90-minute interactive art tour that takes visitors on a journey through six artworks developed by Superhero Me artists with the Rainbow Centre community. Centering around the childhood game, “PEEKABOO (I see you)!”, the festival aims to use art as a channel to bridge the public and special-needs community, by inviting typical families to experience the creativity of children with special needs.


Tours only run on Saturdays at Rainbow Centre, 501 Margaret Drive S149306

[9 Mar] Tour 1C: 2pm (FULL)
[16 Mar] Tour 2A: 1030am, (FULL) Tour 2B: 1130am ( FULL) , Tour 2C 2pm ( FULL)
[23 Mar] Tour 3A: 1030am (FULL), Tour 3B: 1130am (FULL), Tour 3C 2pm (FULL)
[30 Mar] Tour 4A: 1030am, Tour 4B: 1130am, Tour 4C 2pm


3.1 Each Tour Slot can take up to 30 people, who will be split into smaller groups of no larger than 10 people.
3.2 We take walk-ins, but would like to encourage you to sign up to help us plan better.
3.3 Tours are free of charge. Please let us know if you are not turning up so your slot can go to another.
3.4 Meeting Point: Superhero Me Info Cart, Level 1
3.5 Registration begins 20 minutes before start of tour
3.6 Coffee, drinks and food are available at Seeds Cafe
3.7 Parking is available on site.
3.8 We will contact you latest 3 days before your tour to confirm your slot.


4.1 Everyone is welcome to visit PEEKABOO! at Rainbow Centre.
4.2 We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but equally ask for respect for our captains' efforts.
4.3 Children under the age of 6 years old must be accompanied by a caregiver.
4.4 Photos and Videos are allowed (Tag us at #superherome_SG)

For enquiries, please email


Superhero Me is a ground-up inclusive arts movement that harnesses the power of the arts to empower children from less privileged and special needs communities and foster inclusion in Singapore. Visit or follow us on Facebook to find out more :)

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