Student iRide SmarTrip Card Registration Form

Students must be an Arlington County resident of elementary, middle, or high school age to receive a card.

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Student Agreement:

I accept responsibility for my use of the Student iRide SmarTrip Card bus pass and for my conduct while I am on the bus and at bus stops. I also agree to:

   -Always have/use my pass to board the bus; if I do not have my pass, I may be denied boarding.

   -Follow the directions of the bus driver or other Arlington Transit employees while riding the bus.

   -Be courteous to other passengers on the bus and at bus stops.

   -Not smoke, eat, drink or litter on the bus.

   -Use earphones while using audio or video devices on the bus.

   -Not lend, give away or sell my pass to other people.

   -Refrain from conduct that poses a safety risk to me, or others.

   -Refrain from any unlawful conduct.


You must add money to your card to ride Metrorail. Fare can be added at a Commuter Store or a Metro station fare vending machine. 

A copy of your responses will be emailed to .
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