Global north CSOs call on USA, Japan, South-Korea, EU, Canada, Australia, Norway and UK to support TRIPS Waiver Proposal
There is global concern over the shortages of COVID-19 medical products, especially with respect to vaccine supplies. Much of the present supply has been reserved by rich countries and many of these products are protected by intellectual property monopolies, preventing other manufacturers from producing the products. The removal of IP barriers will go a long way in facilitating supply. Hence the need for the WTO TRIPS waiver which has received global support from international and UN agencies, the vast majority of low- and middle income countries, civil society and academics from all over the world. However, the proposal is opposed by a small group of high income countries, i.e. US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, South Korea. These are the same countries that already have advance purchase agreements in place reserving supply for themselves. For more information, see

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