Kathleen Denly's Launch Team for Waltz in the Wilderness
Welcome to the Kathleen Denly Launch Team application!

What exactly is this team?

So glad you asked! A launch team is a group of readers who are ready and willing (and eager!) to get the word out on the street about my books. When I think of my launch team, I think of my first readers, my inside circle, my front lines, my most enthusiastic fans.

What am I looking for in launch team members?

Readers who are excited about my books, and want to share that excitement with their sphere of influence. Enthusiasm trumps all. Availability is important too!

What’s involved in such an endeavor?

As a launch team member, you will receive free, advanced copies of all Kathleen Denly novels. (You will be asked before each launch if you want to participate.) Members are asked to read the book prior to release, then–if they like it –spread the word, as far and wide as possible! (If you don’t like it, you aren’t required to do anything.)

The single most important thing launch team members do? Write a brief review for Amazon, Goodreads, and any other online review site where you'd like to post it. It only needs to be a paragraph or two!

Beyond that, anything else you do is icing on the cake! Here are some ideas, but none of these are mandatory. Whatever you feel comfortable with. The biggest help is the review!

* Talk about the books on social media sites.
* Blog about the books.
* Direct people to my website.
* Write a review for your local newspaper.
* Purchase copies to give away as Christmas and birthday gifts.
* Pin the cover or other pictures from my website to Pinterest.
* Share your favorite quotes from the book online. If you purchase an e-book, highlight your favorite quotes.
* Suggest the book on reading forums, like those you can find on GoodReads.
* Ask your your local library or church library to purchase a copy.
* If you’re part of a Bible study, MOPS, or any other group, tell them about the book.
* Suggest my latest book to your book club.

Members will receive periodic emails from me to keep up-to-date on the latest happenings. They can also be part of Kathleen's Armchair Adventure Krew Facebook Group, where we can share ideas and get to know one another. (Being part of the FB group is highly recommended, but not required.)

What do you get out of the deal?

Besides receiving free copies of my books and my undying gratitude, there are some added perks. Such as receiving the occasional special gift from me! And being privy to insider information. Including, but not limited to, being the first to see cover art, hearing about new titles, reading snippets of my early drafts, helping me name characters, choosing settings, and more!

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be part of, please fill out the form below:
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Please feel free to share your favorite quotes or scene with the Armchair Adventure Krew! These quotes can create some fun conversations and help me find quotes to use in memes.
THANK YOU for being a part of my launch team! :)
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