ERASMUS+/"Activating Leadership Initiatives through Values Education" (No. 2018-1-NO01-KA229-038822_5) - QUESTIONNAIRE ABOUT BULLYING
Read the questions below carefully and mark with an ‚X’ the answer that best fits you. There is no right or wrong answer. Your answers are confidential and will be used for educational purposes only.
I.Overall information about bullying: 1.Do you consider yourself to be a friendly person? *
2.When you are at school, who do you, usually, spend your time with between classes? *
3.Do you usually feel safe at school? *
4.Do you consider you understand the semnification of the term ‚ bullying’? *
5.From whom have you heard information regarding this term? *
6.Do you consider activities regarding bullying awareness to be useful? *
7.Do you think problems can be solved by talking to someone about them? *
II.Behavioral Self-evaluation (*by Stevens, by Bourdeaudhuij, Van Oost) - 1.Have you ever tried to phisically harm someone *
2.Have you ever experienced someone trying to convice you to hurt another person *
3.Have you ever spread a lie about another classmate *
4.Have you ever repeatedly dispayed an agressive/violent behaviour towards others *
5.Have you ever repeatedly dispayed an agressive/violent behaviour towards others *
6.Have you ever nicknamed someone hurtful names *
7.Have you ever destroyed an object that belonged to someone else *
8.Have you ever made fun of someone *
9.Have you ever denied someone’s participation to a discussion, game or other activity *
10.Have you ever been threatened by other people *
11.Have you ever been made fun of *
12.Have you ever heard lies about you go around *
13.Have you ever been physically harmed by other persons *
14.Have you ever had your belongings destroyed by someone *
15.Have you ever been called upsetting names *
16.Have you ever ended up alone because no one wanted to hang out with you *
17.Have you ever experienced other people sharing their belongings with you *
18.Have you ever been helped carry something *
19.Have you ever experienced someone lend you something *
20.Have you ever experienced someone telling you about their hobbies *
21.Have you ever been included in other people’s recreational activities *
22.Have you ever been told a joke by someone *
III.Identification data: Age *
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III.Identification data: Gender *
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