Church Phone Pals! / Iglesia amgios de telefono
During this unique and challenging time, there are some folks within our community that could benefit from a friendly phone call from a friend from church. We would like to connect anyone, especially young families, college folks, or anyone with extra time with folks who are seniors, home bound, or who who might benefit from from some fun conversation and a quick prayer. We do not anyone to feel abandoned or alone.

Durante estos tiempos de inseguridad, nosotros necesitamos communicar con nuestros vecinos, familia, anicanos y jovenes para asseguare que no estan solos. No queremos que ellos se sientan solo o abandonado. Una sola llamada por telefono puede aliviar el miedo que timea.

If you are interested in joining this buddy program, sign up below! We will pair you with someone and share with you guidelines and ideas for your phone call. Taking pen pals to the next level: phone pals!

We are still connected! We are one body in Christ! :)
-Your friends at St. Lawrence Church
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