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Please fill out the questions below. FPC staff will use the data to prioritize projects in Forest Park. Thank you for surveying your trail. We thank you!

Rapid Response Team Page: http://www.forestparkconservancy.org/volunteer/rapid-response.
To review your route, survey protocols and other RRT info.

If you ever have any comments or questions, please email questions to zachary@forestparkconservancy.org.

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Trail Drainage
A big portion of our ongoing trail maintenance is to fix broken and blocked culverts and ditches. When they are blocked or damaged, they no longer allow water to bypass the trail as we intend, which causes the water to overflow onto the trail, causing erosion and trail hazards.

Trail ditches are usually along the inside edge of the trail, and are about 6-in to 1-ft wide and 6-in deep. They can be blocked with leafy debris, soil, rocks, or growing plants.

Culverts are metal and plastic pipes that drain water underneath the trail. Look for them at the end of ditches. Make sure both ends of the culvert is clear of debris and soil, and that there are no cracks or holes in the pipe. They also should be totally underground expect where the ends stick out.

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