Grading Practices in K-12 Schools
The Prichard Committee is collecting stories from parents, students and teachers about grading practices in Kentucky’s K-12 education system. Through Zoom meetings, citizen research and surveys, Prichard Committee staff and volunteers will examine how grading practices differ between classrooms, schools, and districts, and how students’ grades have been impacted during remote learning. Following this period of data collection, the Prichard Committee will release its findings and recommendations in the Spring.
Poll Questions
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Thinking back to grading practices prior to Covid-19, to what degree have grading practices changed?
Not at all
A great deal
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How aligned are grading practices and expectations of student learning?
Not aligned
Very aligned
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Open-Ended Questions
What should we be measuring in schools right now?
How would you describe your experiences with grading practices this year? (Please indicate if you are discussing elementary, middle or high school grading practices).
What central messages about student learning expectations should be communicated to parents at this time?
Please share any specific examples of grading issues in your school.
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