Concord Virtual Academy Interest Survey for Next School Year (2021-2022)
**This is a survey. It is not an application for Concord Virtual Academy.**

The District is considering continuing to offer Concord Virtual Academy for the 2021-2022 school year. Concord Virtual Academy is a way for students to complete their school work from home through an online virtual learning platform much like homeschool.

Things to consider prior to enrolling your student in CVA:

1. You must have access to quality internet service on a daily basis.
2. Once you enroll in CVA, a student will be committed for the semester (August - December/December - May)
3. The parent and child must attend mandatory virtual training (This is not optional).
4. Attendance is based upon completion of coursework. If a student falls too far behind, this is viewed as excessive absenteeism (truancy) in the eyes of the courts. Excessive absences will be turned over to the proper authorities.
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