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Thank you for your interest in our Africa Integrity Indicators data!

It is important that all corrective information provided adhere to Global Integrity's research standards in order to be considered for adjustments. Before entering your answers below, read through the following guiding points.

● Provided explanation as to why you agree or disagree to a scoring or comment needs to be based on concrete examples or evidence that either support or challenge current indicator assessments. We won’t be able to factor in any general statements or personal opinions.

● Each indicator comes with a set of scoring criteria and it is important that your feedback corresponds to at least one of the criteria points.

● For in practice indicators, provided evidence or examples need to be from within the study period of Round 4 research (September 2014 - September 2015). Such information also need to be backed up by least one source, which can be media reports, websites or expert interviews. For in practice indicators, we do not accept any laws. When providing sources, please also make sure to specify the title, author, date of publication and relevant link.

● For in law indicators, only laws are accepted as sources. Make sure to indicate the title of the law, the year it was passed, the link to the law and most importantly the relevant article/section.

● If you have several inaccuracies to flag, please fill out a form for each country and/or indicator.

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