STS User Survey
Thank you for watching the iBiology Scientific Teaching Series videos. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this 3-minute survey. Your answers will help us determine if we should develop more videos, and will help us secure funding if we do.
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1. Would you recommend this video to a colleague who...
is supportive of the ideas presented here? 
is skeptical of the ideas presented here? 
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2. Please answer the following questions:
Did watching one video influence (or induce) you to watch another one?
Did one or more video(s) prompt you to discuss the content with another person?
Were you encouraged by the videos to use active learning in your classes?
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3. What would you like to share with us about these videos?
4. Before watching the video, how familiar were you with the ideas presented ?
Not familiar at all
Very familiar
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5. Which videos did you watch?
6. How long have you been teaching ?
Choose your highest level of experience
7. Are you a
8. What type of students have you taught?
9. Please fill in the blanks: Before watching the STS video(s), I thought that...Now I think that....
How has your thinking changed about teaching and learning?
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