3-5 Survey Questions
Who is your teacher? *
What grade are you in? *
The schoolwork we do helps me learn.
The schoolwork we do is interesting.
What I learn in this class is useful to me in my real life.
The teacher makes this class interesting.
We learn in our class every day.
My teacher makes sure that we think hard about things we read and write.
When the work is too hard, my teacher helps me keep trying.
In this class, it is more important to understand the learning than memorize answers.
My teacher uses many different ways to explain things.
My teacher knows when we understand the lesson and when we do not.
Our classroom materials and supplies have a special place and things are easy to find.
My teacher tells us what we are learning and why.
My teacher wants us to share what we think.
Students feel comfortable sharing their ideas in this class.
My teacher talks to me about my work to help me understand my mistakes.
My teacher writes notes on my work that help me do better next time.
My teacher builds on things that we have learned in other classes, subjects, and years.
My teacher cares about me.
If I am sad or angry, my teacher helps me feel better.
My teacher would notice if something was wrong with me.
I stay actively engaged in the classroom.
Students in my class are respectful to the teacher.
My classmates behave the way my teacher wants them to.
All of the students in my class know what they are supposed to be doing and learning.
Students behave well in this class which makes my teacher happy.
The people we learn and read about in this class are like me.
My teacher teaches us to respect people's differences.
In this class, I feel like I fit in.
I feel like an important part of my classrom community.
My teacher knows what my life is like outside of school.
My teacher knows what is important to me.
My classwork is challenging, but not too difficult to do on my own.
I ask for help when I need it.
I feel like I do a good job in this class.
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