ECS Comment Card: COVID 19
Please use this form to leave comments, suggestions, concerns and praises so that we can serve you best here at Eddyville Charter School during this COVID 19 Pandemic. Answers to questions will be posted to our FAQ's page on our website. Comment cards will be discussed by our admin team weekly and responses will be posted by the following Monday. We want to make ECS the most positive and safe we can while providing an in-person model and will take all comments seriously.

Our administration/emergency response team consists of Stacy Knudson (Superintendent-Principal), Dani Ulstad (Dean), Dwan Loomis (Administrative Assistant), Missy Endicott (Business Manager), Mike Ulstad (Athletic Director), Gus Loomis (Facilities Manager), Ishah Roads (Mental Health Counselor) and Betsy Brooks (School Nurse and Health Manager).

All Responses are anonymous. If you would like a personal response, please leave your contact information.
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