Urgent Request for Climate Action
The growth of renewable energy is at risk in Michigan. As Christians and Partners of the Climate Witness Project (CWP)*, we are concerned about this issue because faithful stewardship of God’s creation is at its core. Please read further and support this call to action!

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) functions as a go-between for the legislature and the utilities (predominantly DTE and Consumers Energy). The Commission is currently crafting recommendations that will determine the tariff utilities will charge to producers of renewable energy, primarily solar energy. If the tariff is set too high, homeowners and businesses will lack sufficient economic incentive to install solar equipment. Consequently, Michigan will rely too heavily on fossil fuels in the coming decades.

- Michigan could lose its competitive edge. Those states that encourage renewable energy reap economic rewards.
- Businesses that embrace renewable energy do it for sound business reasons and often see profits increase.
- Renewable energy companies proliferate in states friendly to renewable energy. New businesses spring up, people are hired, and new products sold.
- There is an urgent need to reduce our carbon footprint, and distributed energy generation helps us to do that.

If MPSC sets the tariff too high, Michigan will miss the opportunity to grow its renewable energy economy.

There are also important moral and ethical considerations. Petroleum-based energy production will take an ever-greater toll on our health, the health of our air and soil, and the beautiful lakes that define Michigan. God’s creation is at risk!

The Climate Witness Project members urge you to support this call to action. We ask the Michigan Public Service Commission to recommend a tariff that recognizes the value of distributed generation during peak demand hours and that will pay private generators a sufficient return to keep distributed energy generation a realistic option in Michigan.

*The Climate Witness Project was launched by the Christian Reformed Church in 2015. We now have some 500 Partners in over 70 congregations representing half a dozen denominations in the United States and Canada. Please join us!

**For more background on net metering and the tariff, follow this link: https://goo.gl/yAfUVM.

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