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Hello! Thank you for checking out the GEF's website. We have made some improvements in performance and usability and are interested in what you think. Please help us by completing the questions below. Your feedback will help us to make final improvements before the site goes into production later this year.
Overall, how easy was it for you to navigate the website and find information?
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Please use the beta website to attempt the tasks below, and indicate how easy or difficult each task was to complete.
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Find the GEF public involvement policy
Download the list of GEF Biodiversity projects in Tanzania
Find how much money the GEF has received in the last Replenishment
Identify the templates necessary to submit a project proposal
Find the name of the focal point of your country
Find the GEF-6 Corporate Scorecard
Were there any parts of the website that you found confusing or hard to use?
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Do you have any suggestions for improvements to the website?
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