"Big Buzz About Bees" School Visit Info
We're working on scheduling school visits for Spring 2023 - please let us know some basic information about your classrooms so that we can coordinate. Thank you, and we hope to buzz by your classrooms soon!

Only one teacher per grade needs to fill this out. Please confirm your answers with the rest of your grade-level teaching team :-) 

We'll get back to you ASAP to schedule a visit. Click here for more information about the Big Buzz About Bees program.
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The teacher coordinating the visit. If you want to make sure I email all of the first grade teachers, add their emails into the notes section.
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Please check any date that works for a class visit. If you have a preference, please leave it in the notes in the next question.
Are there any times/dates we should avoid?
Do you have PE at a certain time/day? Other presentations/field trips already booked? No-school or early release days to avoid?
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Additional Notes
Let me know if you have a date/time preference and I'll do my very best to accommodate you. Feel free to add in any other comments/questions here too. Thank you so much!
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