Faith Formation Activities Survey

The Faith Formation Committee is interested in hearing which events you participated in this past year. We are also requesting your suggestions for additional Faith Formation events in our parish. If you are willing to help with any of these, please record your name so we can contact you to discuss your suggestion further. Thank you!!

The purpose of the Faith Formation Committee is to develop, evaluate and implement the entire faith formation program at Sacred Heart Parish. This committee has the task of visioning for the future through research, prayer and consultation with various resources that will frame the direction of the faith experiences of the SHSR parish and the wider community.

    Journey in Faith Kickoff - September
    Advent Retreat: Stressed or Blessed? - Nov 20
    Alternative Gift Market
    Vacation Bible School (participated or assisted with)
    Baptism preparation
    First Communion preparation
    Confirmation preparation
    Weekly Eucharist/Mass
    Mother's Group
    Prayer Services (Vespers, Stations of the Cross, etc.)
    Bishop's Letter Small Discussion Group
    Journey in Faith Gatherings - Oct, Nov, Dec
    Journey in Faith Gatherings - Jan, Feb, March
    Journey in Faith Gatherings - April, May
    Tables for Two
    Weekly reflection or faith sharing group
    Middle School activities (youth group, rally etc.)
    High School activities (youth group, Castaways, etc).
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