Shorobor Udyan Order form
Shorobor Udyan is a production system combining fish farming and vegetable production in one recirculating system.
We plan to sell this system as permanent installation on rooftops or similar open spaces in urban areas of Bangladesh to provide fresh fish and vegetables for a family of 4-6 persons. Total space needed is approximately 100 square feets.

Approximate price per unit is 50,000-60,000 taka, depending on location and height of the building.

We will need 3-5 days to complete construction of one Shorobor Udyan. Currently, we are covering Dhaka city only. But still if you are interested, you can fill this up. We will contact you when possible. We will serve on first come first serve basis as per our working capacity.

For more queries, please contact 01750180033, 01750180044

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