Application for agile coach camp Germany 2019
Your price-of-admission to accde19 is this application. The unconference only works if we have a whole lot of engaged people, so therefore you will have to answer to be in the lottery for the limited places we have.

If you answer with n/a, later etc, you will not be part of the lottery.

By clicking "send", you agree that the orga team can keep your info until end of 2019.

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Which seed will you plant at accde? *
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What would you do, if you could not fail? *
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Who would you ask for help, if they would not refuse? *
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How do you get back to beeing? *
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Please make sure that you write the right email as this is how we will reach you and tell you if you are in. Your email will not be made public.
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Will you take part in the pre-event *
The signup is not binding - it is more to give us an overview of how many will arrive.
Food preferences
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Would you be willing to share a room? *
Read more about sharing of rooms in
Who would you share with if they get in?
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Would you be willing to share a room with a stranger? *
If you choose to share with a stranger, we will pr default put you in a room with a person of the same gender.
If you answered "It depends", please say what it depends on :)
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Is it okay to share name, linkedin, twitter, answers to the four questions with the other participants? *
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