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Each week, the stories you send me will be announced to the world! Why? Because no matter what our situation, we can never have enough good news. I want to hear about new contract or project wins, your company's support of a charity, major shifts in your business' mission, your new book, and more!

The stories you share will be published in a weekly email newsletter, on the DTSQ blog, and on Ruthie's LinkedIn profile as an article. So besides sharing a great story, you'll get a few backlinks to your website as well!
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How does this help you?
Well, this is free press first of all! But also, it's a chance for you to inject some humanity into your audience's perception of your brand. When I write up your good news story, it will be infused with humanity. No dry stories over here.

You can also share this opportunity with your clients or customers when they have good news as a way to get them some free exposure too.
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