BLSC Summer sailing course 2021 Application form ~
**Please note**
- All courses will take place Mon-Fri each day 09:30-16:30.
- All applicants must be between the ages of six and eighteen years old
- All applicants must be confident in water
- Applicants must have completed and passed the level prior to the level they are wishing to enroll in now.
- All courses listed below are Irish sailing accredited courses except where noted.
- The courses will be two weeks in order to comply with Irish Sailing's guidelines (excepting the first and middle fun weeks)
- The constraints of Irish Sailing's teaching ratios and possible demand for certain courses and current pandemic mean we cannot guarantee that all levels will go ahead, but we will do our best to facilitate all abilities.
- We have additional requirements in place such as bringing your child to the club in their sailing gear to limit the use of the changing rooms. We will also be asking you to provide all of your childs hot and cold food and drink for the day to avoid the necessity to use the Kitchen. The Instructors will remind the participants of the requirements for social distancing but we welcome your support in also promoting this.
- There will be a text alert system in place whereby you will be alerted by 9pm the night before if it is a no show day the next day due to inclement weather as we cannot safely house all the participants inside. We will however be providing facility for participants aged 6-13 yrs old of essential workers - pre-determined.

The fee for courses is €150 per week, discounts and extra charges will be applied accordingly.
- If you are a member of BLSC, you will receive a discount of €25 per week
- If you require a place on a club boat, your total will be increased by €50 per week.
Note no fee for boats for Cara-na-Mara
- if you are a member and paying for subsequent siblings you will receive a discount of €25 per week per subsequent sibling.
For example if the applicant is a club member with their own boat with no subsequent siblings you will be charged €125 per week. ie a fortnights course = €250
For a non member wanting a place on a club boat the cost is €200 per week. ie €400 for a fortnights course.
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Sailing on Blessington Lake
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