Ravens Crossing Cohousing
We are curious to know who might be interested in becoming a member of our group. The information you provide will be kept private and will not be shared outside of Ravens Crossing Cohousing.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and letting us know a little more about you and your attraction to Ravens Crossing Cohousing..

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We anticipate an average cost for a home in Ravens Crossing Cohousing and a share of the common amenities to be in the low $600,000's including GST. Some units will cost more and some less depending on unit size and desirability factors. And all will benefit from the great location, extensive common amenities - inside and out. Is the purchase price within reach for your household? *
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We have submitted our development permit to Sidney Council and are hoping to start construction on the Ravens Crossing Cohousing homes in mid-2019, with completion scheduled at the end of 2020. Does this fit with your time frame of joining Ravens Crossing Cohousing?
If there is any other information you'd like to know about Ravens Crossing Cohousing, please visit our website FAQ page: https://www.ravenscrossingcohousing.ca/faqs/. Alternatively you can add a question here and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
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