The 6 Burdens of Community Growth

I have a hypothesis...

Based on a decade of community building and almost 4 years actively building communities with the social-scientific process, I've observed several prominent themes of community growth challenges across different communities. So, I will put my money where my mouth is and study it! 

Here is how this will work: 

  1. Aggregate research: I've already collected research to understand this
  2. Interview Qualification Survey: In this survey, I'm finding companies that "grew."
  3. Individual Interviews: For specific respondents, I will do guided interviews for patterns
  4. Coding & Induction of Data: I'll use 4 methods to review and abstract the data
  5. Deliberative Group Studies: I'll report the initial data and find groups of respondents.
  6. Scope-Specific Surveys: I'll put together a survey taken scope-by-scope to confirm any questions
  7. Report Out & Interrogation: I'll report out on the process and then request additional peer-review
  8. Larger survey: this is the part where I put out a survey far and wide to confirm it! 
  9. Final Report Out: I'll put together a report and several final whitepapers on what I've found. 


Now that I've comprehensively explained what these 6 burdens seem to be, we need to process some interviews! That's what this short 5-10 minute survey is! 

The goal of this survey is to understand your current community's size and growth hurdles. If your community qualifies for our initial investigation, we will have you schedule a semi-structural interview!

Ready to get started?! Here's what you can expect!

  1. We will first ask you about your online community in general 
  2. Then we'll ask a few qualifying questions about your community's growth 
  3. Lastly, we'll ask you a few preliminary questions about the challenges that will structure the interview.
  4. If you qualify through your answers, we'll immediately set up your interview! 

First, Please provide a valid work email to contact you if we have questions, and we'll get started.

Unless you check that we can at the end of the survey, we will NOT use your email for any purpose other than progressing the study.

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