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Want to host a class or workshop at Old Soul? Just fill out this form and if your type of class is a fit for our space, we'll be in touch about when we can schedule you!
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Are you allowing electronic payments for class fees? (Paypal, Venmo, etc.)  If so, list which ones and your handles for each.
•Cost to host a class is $30/hr. This is the responsibility of the Instructor and includes the collection of cash/check participant fees by Old Soul, space to hold the class, the needed items above, and an Old Soul employee to be there for any assistance needed.

•Please send us a photo to use for advertising purposes! If you don't have something, we can make up a picture for you, but as the instructor, you'll have more direct knowledge of what your class will look like!

• From our experience, the more promotion your class gets, the more people are likely to sign up! We'll help your class get reach, but it always helps if you do your own promotion as well.

•Be sure to have fun!! :)
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